March 1, 2009

friday & saturday

Assalamualaikum wbt ..

Today was as usual laaa..keje!! grrrr.. I'm still tired ;( from driving that is, BUT my journey back to Ktrg took 4hours plus jek ..hihi..laju ke? Alhamdulillah selamat balik sapa dumoh ..keh keh..

Went to KL sbb ada 2 main purposes yang i need need need to get-it-settled, Alhamdulillah missions accomplished! I got my transcript and my Histoire *big grin*

While in Damansara Utama, grabbed the chance to catch up with my good friend Mauin who is running a private GP *jeless* with Farah who is also my good fren. But tu la kan..sempat jumpe Mauin jek, Farah blum punch in lagi masa i arrivved la best jadi Mem Besar nih...sesuke ati je nk masuk kul brape pun eh *kuli batak cm i ni tkde chance le* Mauin had an appointment so thats why la dia punch in early ;D
Oh yes .. kepada all pretty people reading yg trying/struggling to find an excellent and friendly dentist, do go to One Avenue Dental Clinic kat DU hokeh *wink wink* tell Dr Mauin or Dr Farah yg Yaya promote tau, so nnt bley dpt discount ..keh keh..

Khalish met his same age (one month gap je diorang ni) girl friend, Sheena. I must say that Sheena is so clever and talkative and energetic, kalah Khalish ..keh keh.. Khalish trus turned jd spectator!! LOL I think Khalish mmg amazed la with Sheena and her energetic self!

Khalish & Sheena .. Sheena was jumping around, singing, dancing and snapping photos, Khalish tgk jek..hihi..

Oh ye, rewind sket..hehe..lupe nk introduce my cutest niece (mmg sorang ni jek niece) Iman!! We all tido umah Nini at DU, and since Nini works on friday, Lilly & i mandikan Iman and dressed her up ;D i love dressing her up la kan, Khalish kan boy so dressing him up is not as fun, hihi..
tadaaa..everyone, meet Iman!! She's 8months young and i must add that she takes after her dad 98% hihi.. Iman la peminat terhebat Khalish LOL If she sees Khalish, she'll smile stret away even tho Khalish was only passing by..tapi si Khalish ni kadang kadang nice to Iman and sometimes dia buat tak layan jek! shiann Iman...

Ok back to the story.. After pegi jumpe Mauin and Sheena at her private gp, we went to Dayabumi complex for Lilly's fitting. I wanted to post Lilly's photo here but did not get tuan punye badan punye permission, so korang tunggu the Big Day punye entry nnt la ye..InsyaAllah

After Lilly's fitting, we went to KLCC sbb i wanted to try on a speedy 35 ..keh keh.. and i jelaskan disini that a speedy 35 is slightly on the huge side for me, but if i were slimmer (just like Nini said) i rasa nampak OK sket kot.. A 35 kinda drown me, kinda laa.. And while i was there, i tried on a Trevi PM, and sungguhla chantekk!!! if only... *cloud 9* LOL

On the next day, we went the curve to have brunch and some retail therapy. Ooh Ooh i met VERDE!!!!! hehe...she is just lovely and the schweetest laa.."nice knowing ya and we must dating lagii tau!!!" . I hope you arent dissapointed with me sbb bawak the whole konco-konco ye :(( I hope at least u happy dapat jumpe i and Khalish in person..hehe.. I for one sure do enjoy your cool company dear ;)

Oh histoire ;D Thank you Nana for your kind self and Azwa (Nana's sis) for being such an understanding and cooperative gal! Even tho we couldnt meet but your thoughtful effort utk tolong drop kan my bag at my sister's place is very very deeply appreciated hon!! THANK YOU!

Pas makan with Verde, i did some retail kat Ikea...hmm, berzaman dh tak gi Ikea tau *darat nggoh* LOL
Bought towel hijau (gambar kt atas nii) and a soft toy which was on sale for my dearest Khalish and also a hanger for my scarves and belts (as if i got so many belts) ;)

Khalish sejak got his new green towel ni..senang sungguh la nk suh dia behenti mandi..sbb if not susah tau!! Flash his new towel and trus dia "OK finish mandi rain"!! ..keh keh.. Mandi rain is Khalish term for a shower ;))

Edited; i attach photo from LadyVerde's digicam, me loike it lah ;D
"Beb, now baru i tak tahu kenape u byk photos from this angle!"


Naddy said...

nice bags ladies :)

yaya othman said...

thank you *wink*

:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

my bag dah lapuk...that maroon one tue yg still smell leatheryyyyy!!!
suke suke!

a NuTty StuDent said...

Verde, she's so coool and pretty with you too...


Fynnaz said...

Hi Yaya,
Ur Histoire nice lah and it's a big bag. I tot medium size jer. Puas hati! =)

p/s: I penah terserempak dgn u kat MV early this year but tak tego cz segan! Anyway salam perkenalan.

yaya othman said...

yes yes, verde mmg sgt nice kan? hihi would love to dating ngan dia lagi..
Fynnaz,salam perkenalan jgk ;D
mmg puas hati histoire tu! dhla tak keras and tak berat, i pun ske! keh keh..
u nampak i kt MV? early this year? hmmm jan ke? i br blk HK kot masa tu..apesal tak tegur?? next time tegur tau!!!

Fynnaz said...

InsyaAllah kita tego2 yek.

p/s: Yes Fin pun tau kenapa Verde ada byk angle tu pastu cantik jer sume bleh masuk dlm camera. Kalo kita buat sendiri sure salah sorg muka kena potong separuh! Kekeke.

yaya othman said...

betul betul tu fynn,if i laa..sure muka salah sorang yg sebelah i tuu terseparuh!!! haha

okes, pasni tegur tauuu!!! :D

Nana said...

Yaya, your welcome dear! Best tengok the pics of you and the bag! hehe! Glad you loved it!

I balik in July .. ada nak pesan anything else?? heheheheh

yaya othman said...

hi nana!! i love love love nothing but love that histoire!!! tq!
u blk july? hmm..*evil grin*..hehe.

bUL4N said...

eyh kak long!!
u dressed iman in the dress that I bought!!yeay!!

yaya othman said...

yes yes i did!! she loves it!! tgk je ke dress dia..her first dress with so many ruffles i think :)