February 16, 2009

yaya being chatty and crappy ...

On the way back from work today, i stopped by Aunty Moon's house. I promised her to stop by to layan borak with her; since earlier today at work, she called my cell but then i takley layan her sbb i was bz dz ..ngeh ngeh.. So, sampai umah Aunty Moon, her maid welcomed me inside, and i chose to seat on the most luxurious and comfortable leather sofa in the living room ..hmmm memang best la kusi tuuh!!

I was there for an hour + and mcm selalu i love her company!! i love sharing my feelings, thoughts and views with her. She somehow really know how to contemplate and compliment, and that is what i love most bout Aunty Moon!! *kiss kiss*

We talked on my current issues and series ..ngeh ngeh.. I told her how has it made me a better person, how it made me realize that just when you thought you are at your most bottom self, you outgrown yourself and u'd shine beyond your imagination!! She elaborated on the power of being 'redha' and acceptance. When you can accept the facts and fictions (even), you are subconciously happy inside and satisfied!! Which is the key to being happy and success ;D

We also talked on my latest issue LOL banyak issue niihhh!!! LOL
She told me to sabar, pray hard and ask for guidance..which will calm myself thus ensuring patience. "If you feel that you cannot run nor hide, ask Allah, seek Allah and thank Allah. InsyaAllah, the very best for you awaits. Well, the very best isnt something you really love nor something you really want. Sometimes, the thing that you think is your life or the thing that you desired the most isnt the right thing for you..but when you redha, you'll can accept it!! For Allah is the one & only who knows what is best for you and what is not for you, so ask him!! Allah suke umat nye minta for He is maha mengetahui and maha pemurah".


Mrs.R @ Emi said...

all the best for u kak yaya..


yaya othman said...

hi Emi!!

thank you dear! same goes to you!!