February 19, 2009

i heart grey's anatomy

hi peeps,
i just finished tgk one of two of my favourite show, Grey's Anatomy episode 5 & 6 (season 5 la of course!!). I loved it! i miss Grey's so so much..like i said before, it has been a while.. and i've been busy with Gossip Girl ~ bile episode 18 nk kuar nih haa?? ..ngeh ngeh..
When i watch Grey's, i can relate myself to it, not the surgery aspects *sigh ~ i'm a dental surgeon*, but the friendships, the intensity of a relationship, the immaturities and the pressure of being a healthcare provider. I love Grey's, thanks Shonda!!
So, are you a Grey's fan as well? Who is ur favourite character? Guess who's mine is? LOL *shout yaya heart Dr Sloan*

On a totally not related matter, what do you girls think of Lady Dior Cannage handbag? Ooohh..i simply adore it. Sesuei utk attend wedding, dinner functions ke kan; but then nowadays any sort and shape of bag can do either siang nor malam or better yet, both!! ..ngeh ngeh.. Actually it wasnt that appealing to me dulu dulu, but since i saw upper east sider Miss Blair Waldorf toting it, *aahhhh* i want one too!!! if only it's affordable ;((

Leighton as Blair with the gorgeous bag!! Miss Barton pun ada jugok, and she mixed it with a hat, a day dress and leggings - CHIC!! i want i want i want!!

p.s. Kak Ratna dearest ada 1 in black, jelessssnye ;p


:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

iheart lady dior tooooooo!!!but i find that its too small for me yg big size nie...hehehhehehe...so instead, i rather go for soft lady dior shopping bag ;)

yaya othman said...

verde dearest,
our taste mmg sunggoh alike kan kan..

let us get more dior!! hehe

Ina Noor said...

blair definitely wears it better than whts-her-face !!

yaya othman said...

haha..yes couldnt agree more!!
i ske bag2 miss waldorf!

yaya othman said...

i tried it on, and am loving the matte ones compared to the patents ;D