February 15, 2009

Hello peeps..

Its sunday and a working day here in my hometown *arghhh*. At work, i did a report on MKSP the whole mornin' and attended a few patients after lunch sehingga la 4pm gitu ;(( i hate
administration workss!!!

Anyhoo, here i am sitting down and comfortable at home, in front of the tv with my laptop on my lap ... and wallaah, here i am ;D

A lot of things happened to me on the recent weekend, be it friday night, saturday night and sunday night. Well, i should say a lot of things happened to me on the recent nights ..ngeh ngeh..

I talked to a bestfriend who was outa town for 2 nights in a row! It has been a while (talking to this friend) and it lasted for almost 4hours on fri night and 2 hours on sat night!!! YES SIR, no kidding!! We talked on lotsa stuffs, our schooldays, love, work; life basically ;) It was so nice and panass la telinga, well it has been a while since i last bergayut, and mlm tu mmg bergayut dgn jayanye laa LOL (and today i miss this dear friend *shout : I MISS U*)

Hmmm..i went to a dinner last night. I dont celebrate Valentine's but a friend wanted to thanked me on some favor i did for her and insisted me on joining her at a dinner, I couldnt say no, Well i could but this friend was very very pushy-in-a-good-way LOL ... Thank you dear!! i had fun!!

When i got back home, twas around 1030pm and i bukak FB and saw Aza's status saying that Grey's Anatomy latest episode was awesome and that she had fallen in love even more with the show!! And i thought to myself "GOD i miss that show!!". The last episode i managed to tgk was epi4 (sea5 of course!)!! I love that show, i love Dr Sloan *xoxo* and i so want Izz and Alex together!! LOL dont you?? ngeh ngeh... So nih, while i'm blogging i'm downloading Grey's epi5 and so on ;)) Sungguh ku tak sabar!!! SLOAN my love ..ngeh ngeh..

On a very unrelated subject, i managed to persuade Lilly to start on Gossip Girl!! hihi...jap lagi diriku akan dapat geng Gossip Girl lam umah niii ..ngeh ngeh..

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