February 12, 2009

Halluuuuu !!

Well i promised y'all that i'd blog about the bowling tournament IF only i strike 3 times in a row kan, and i didnt *benci sehh* so here i am on the next day! ngeh ngeh ..

My team mates were good, two of em were dangg good!! haha their scores were somewhere between 200-300+ LOL and mine ??? Gosh sungguh memalukan LOL sian my team mates, guys if you're reading, sorry hokey ;(

inilah goodie bag yg i got, but not so goodie to me *evil laugh* BUT on the other hand,ada goodie bag pun dh cukup baik dh kan, klu tak balik tangan kosong!!!! apedaaaa!! so TQ kepada jab belia & sukan neg terengganu ;D

the place where it all happened last night (mcm ape jek kejadian nye LOL)

Oh yes, and i would like to make a shout out to a certain sum1 yg baru received her FM..hehe.."glad to know that u like it dear!!"

So i guess thats it for today laa.. maybe i'll blog more tomorrow, who knows..hehe..
i leave y'all with an ABC song (yg tak brape clear and teratur) by my scweetheart, Khalish !


p.s. i love all the 36 contestants on AI ;p

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