February 11, 2009

friendly tournament

Assalamualaikum wbt pretty people ;)

i've got an mc (med cert) for 2 days (yesterday and today) yesterday *bestnyeh* so here i am at home..ngeh ngeh..

Earlier today, i went to Azman Eye Specialist Clinic with my mom for her appointment. Alhamdulillah everything went well and insyaAllah her sight will be better ;D Aminn...
Got back home at 11am gitu, had brunch (it was an elaborate one) and then grabbed my laptop, and wallaaa.. i'm here ;D

I'ma tell ya bout a friendly bowling tournament tonight. Its between jbtn kesihatan neg trg and media neg trg (i dont even know sape keje kat media neg trg!), and i'm playing!! Gosh i'm kinda terrified sbb honestly i'm not that good, or better yet i'm no good at all!! LOL its true people.. cmne la diorang bole pick me, pdhal diorang br jek tgk i main skali jek aritu masa friendly with jbtn kesihatan daerah kemaman, and dengan kuasa Allah, i terstrike 3 kali in a row! LOL since then they thot i'm helluva bowler!! OMG i cannot imagine how tonight will go, kang masuk longkang parit sume, malu i!! LOL

If only mlm ni i terstrike 3 times in a row again, that would be super duper awesome kan kan .. ngeh ngeh ;p
Well until the time comes, i'll keep hoping and praying laa nmpknye ;) hmm..
Remember the 10 DVDs my friend sent for me? Well since today is heaven day for me, i'ma start being a couch potato jap lagi and watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall hehe..
So till next writing here, adios amigos!
p.s. if la i terstrike 3 times in a row, i'll blog bout it tonight jgk !! ngeh ngeh..
oh how unlikely *sigh*

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