February 7, 2009

first time

Assalamualaikum wbt.

this is my first time blogging *sigh* i used to keep my memories @ fotopages but due to some reasons which i dont wanna elaborate here, i gotta move!
after hours (well twas between 1-2 hour) og thinking, i said to my self "why dont i give blogging a try, sayyy...now?" and here i am...wallaaa..
Hello pretty people in the blogging world!

well, i'm half awake at this moment, i've been exploring and learning this thing, and i have to conclude that i am almost clueles! well, theres always a first time right? YES! hehe

so, what do i wanna write huh...hmm well, let me start by saying that i am a bit on the feverish side today, yup! woke up at 9 something, brushed my teeth, had a cup of coffee , no wait i think i had more than a cup, yes i did..hehe
can i skip and get to the part where i watched a movie? sho can! hehe
well, my friend sent me 10 DVDs of romantic comedies movies which he thinks i'd enjoy all the way from Penang, abd i received it yesterday. So since today is friday and i'm not working on fridays, thought i'd watch Definitely Maybe. My friend did say that i'd like that one, well he was right! i like it because Will found his true love eventho its not his wife and the fact that Maya wants her dad to be happy, but i dont like the fact that Will and whats her name have to split and that her daughter wishes they wouldnt! its kinda sad because kids love their parents unconditionally and she wouldnt know which part of her mom or dad thats ugly. hmm..but the moral of the story is, fight for love even if it means dragging ur kid to win the other person's heart, haha! i cried when Will told Maya that the happy ending of the story is "you" ! so schweet.

*yawn* gottago to bed

p.s. which movie is this line from - i gottago to bed, i hear my mom so i gottago to bed ? try jwb..


:::sHa::: said...

Hiya babe,

Welcome..eheheh..hope u will enjoy blogging the..Keep blogging huh..no worries, sum1 will read ur entries punya..

take care aite..;)

kisah cempaka said...

hey there~
welc0me 2 dis kinda-n0t-s0-reality w0rld =P
l0oking f0rward 4 ur next p0sts!!


yaya othman said...

halluu pretty people!! my new frens sha and kasih cempaka, thanx for y'all comments and yes i'll try to keep updating hon!

yaya othman said...

oopps sorry kasih plak..kisah! haha

cruise fan said...

jerry mcguire

yaya othman said...

you are right!! hehe
i love that movie

bUL4N said...

k long!!
I'm totally with you about the best part of the story!!I didn't see it coming so when he said it...I was touched...