February 18, 2009

belated birthday get-together

Assalamualaikum wbt
Arini i had lunch with my fella Ting Tong girls. It was a belated birthday get-together for Aunty Moon and the treat was on Kak Ratna.

The get-together was held at Secret Recipe ktrg at 1230pm, sume org was sharp *ye ke?* ..ngeh ngeh..

I had beef lasagna, kak Ratna had pan fried dory and Aunty Moon had some sort of laksa (kan? kan?), for desert we had choc indulgence ..yummehh..
oh ye, OK tak i wear tudung ariani? Selama nih tgk my mum and kak Ratna wear, looks chantek!!
THANK YOU for the treat!!


Ratih Sulastri said...

Hi! I'm new here. I love your YSL Muse. It's one of the bags in my wishlist. Very nice colour as well. :) I see that we like a few bags in common. Including the Histoire. I'm waiting to own one..the patent leather one to be exact.

yaya othman said...

hi there!
welcome to my humble blog ;p
Thank you2, i love my Muse too!!
Oh yes, Histoire mmg TDF!! i kirim a fren in london, mine is in oxblodd (marronish) pearlized, its between nappa and patent. so what colour are u planning to get? if u nk beli kt Valentino Starhill, do ask for shimmi k ;D

p.s. u are Prof Hashim's niece right? I'm his exstudent ;)

yaya othman said...



dy4ts said...

Luv your MUSE =)

I berangan nak MUSE II .. bile la nak dpt.. hehe.. Ok la u pakai Ariani .. but then your face shape suits anykind of tudung ... lucky u ! btw.. colour ape tudung Ariani yg u pakai ni ? i luv it.. it's all one shade right ?

take care dear :)

yaya othman said...

i wanna muse ii jugak!! kaler biruu! hehe

ariani yg i pakai nih kaler sama ngan my muse tu, hehe, its kinda mcm aqua green gitu..and yes its monotonous..and kain dia bukan lycra, dia mcm some sort mcm cotton (tchirt) but a bit tebal.
hehe, wanna get more ariani la!

:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

gorgeous muse u got there babeeeeeeeeee!!! ;)
the only YSL bag yg i suke is that downtown! very chick n casual! ;)
nways, happy brithday to ur friend! ;)

Ratih Sulastri said...

Yaya mana u tau I niece Prof Hashim? Haha alamak!

I'm planning to get the Histoire in Raspberry patent leather.Hmmm tapi I suddenlu had a change of mind la jugak recently so I'm prioritizing another handbag in my list hehe

I wont buy in KL...because I'm very sure it's cheaper in UK...so I'll probably get my sister to buy kat UK. O yeah,ape dia u nak kirim from US...no problem at all if u nak kirim pape..just let me know ya ;)

Muse II pon in my list tapi yg pink and charcoal tu.

yaya othman said...

Oh god, muse ii pun i ske tp yg croc in navy and purple!! haha..hmm bila la leh dpt??!
i tau u niece prof hashim from ili's fb ;D

bile u nkgi states? hmm..nk kirim pe ek...

Ratih Sulastri said...

i gi states 4th May nanti..kirim la pape..tapi designer bags mahal laaaa kat states unless sale or unless i gi Woodbury common.Nak kirim Victoria Secret mmg ok la sbb sini pon takde.. ooo you kat FB Ili ke? Hehe. Malu jap. Misti u salu tgk kat wall dia kitorg ckp merapu. ;D

yaya othman said...

apelak maluu? hehe it is refreshing to see ur relationship together as kazens can be so close!
i cherish that type of relationship!
i nk add u lah kt fb!

MIRA said...

dat one is oversized ke sis?
luk so good on u
love it!

yaya othman said...

hi mira,
no its not over size dear ;D
i tak cukup tinggi la nk pull off an over size ..

MIRA said...

so its large la
i thot mine was large, so its medium then

yaya othman said...

what color is urs mira? is it patent as well?
share la...

MIRA said...

yup sis
patent in black
but i tink urs lagi lawa la
i suka sgt

yaya othman said...

hehe thank you dear!
alaa...i bet urs pun lawa..Muse mmg malatopp la beb!!! hihi