February 28, 2009

February 26, 2009

outa town

1. transcipt ..wajib nih..

2. Azwa .. nih pun wajib!

3. Verde (?)

4. Naquib's party .. maybe i can make it.

5. Mauin & Farah's hot dental clinic .. i'll try to squeeze myself this time guys :)

6. my new cousin ..hmm kalu dang laa..

7. try on a speedy 35..keh keh..its so unappropriate, but what the heck LOL

(you are so beautiful, but if only you are a 30 *sigh* if only if only)

Pray for my safe journey ye ..tataaa..

February 24, 2009

tea with Khalish

Got back from work, performed Asr prayer and had tea with umi, along (my kazen), Khalish and few others. Umi bought the famous (kt k.trg la of course) Nasi Kuning Simpang Tokku for tea (????), she said "umi teringin and lgpun teh (my aunt and also along's mum) nok mari, dia ske nasi kuning klu mi dok silap ..hehe.." ye laa..teh plok hk kena ..keh keh ..

Below are vids of my schweet heart Khalish enjoying his nasi kuning and playing with his nasi kuning..Why do kids ske play with their food huh?? Why cant they just sit and eat, kan ke senang ..keh keh.. Hmm why do i hafta ask why to and complaint on everything??!! *sigh* Khalish tu kira OK lagi la kan, even if sesekali bile dia cannot or didnot finish his drinks, he spilled 'em on the table or floor dengan sengaja LOL O yes he did!!! Eeeee!! *sabo sabo* And if Khalish terrajin on that day, maybe dia akan mop plak his spilled drinks tu with his hands and fingers!! LOL And when caught in the act, he will make a frown and pout his lips, as though he is very very sorry, haa ye la tuu..mommy tau sgt la that sad face!! But whatever you do, however you acted, mommy sayang Khalish sangat sangat and unconditionally, you are first and foremost my biggest fan and vice versa hon ;))

video video

February 23, 2009

the man who cant be moved

Have you heard the man who cant be moved by the script? I have i have i have!! and I LOVE IT ..suke sangat sangat!!! eeee....its so schweet and so refreshing ..ngeh ngeh...

Going back to the corner where I first saw you,
Gonna camp in my sleeping bag I'm not gonna move,
Got some words on cardboard got your picture in my hand,
Saying if you see this girl can you tell her where I am,
Some try to hand me money they don't understand,
I'm not...broke I'm just a broken hearted man,
I know it makes no sense, but what else can I do,
How can I move on when I'm still in love with you...
Cos if one day you wake up and find that you're missing me,
And your heart starts to wonder where on this earth I can be,
Thinking maybe you'll come back here to the place that we'd meet,
And you'd see me waiting for you on the corner of the street.
So I'm not moving... I'm not moving.
Policeman says son you can't stay here,
I said there's someone I'm waiting for if it's a day, a month, a year,
Gotta stand my ground even if it rains or snows,
If she changes her mind this is the first place she will go.
Cos if one day you wake up and find that you're missing me,
And your heart starts to wonder where on this earth I can be,
Thinking maybe you'll come back here to the place that we'd meet,
And you'd see me waiting for you on the corner of the street.
So I'm not moving... I'm not moving.
I'm not moving... I'm not moving.
People talk about the guy
Who's waiting on a girl... Oohoohwoo
There are no holes in his shoes
But a big hole in his world...
Hmmmm and maybe I'll get famous as man who can't be moved,
And maybe you won't mean to but you'll see me on the news,
And you'll come running to the corner...
Cos you'll know it's just for you
I'm the man who can't be moved
I'm the man who can't be moved...
Cos if one day you wake up and find that you're missing me,
And your heart starts to wonder where on this earth I can be,
Thinking maybe you'll come back here to the place that we'd meet,
And you'd see me waiting for you on the corner of the street.

Best takk?? Best kann kan? ..hihi.. Best lorr

*ape lagi nk tuliss eh*

Ahhaaa...i finally submitted my application for tooot. Alhamdulillah ..keh keh.. *fingers crossed*

Am planning on camping at Nini's place weekend nih..bole jumpe Iman!! And for those yg blum tau, Iman is my one & only niece..schweet and adorable Iman!! Simply cant wait ..ngeh ngeh..

Oh and i wanna thanx all the pretty gals yg took part in my which-one-is-a-better-off white/bone/ivory-handbag bonanza LOL
Next time i'll buat election handbags lg hokeh!!

Guess thats it for today, tata!

February 21, 2009

meh beli batik

Assalamualaikum wbt,
It has been a nice weekend for me. Ample rest and well fed ..ngeh ngeh.. Ni pun i br selesai dinner, guess what i had?? Hehe, i had tenggiri goreng, budu + cili padi and nasi!!! Itu jek, betul!!! ..ngeh ngeh.. Ada yg tak ske budu ke kt sini? Well, its your lost la hon ...No lahhh!!!

Earlier today, i went to Kak Nor's place. Tujuan sebenar went to her house was to drop her Damier Brazza wallet which she kirim from my friend, but then once i reached there, i couldnt stop myself from membelek her baju-baju batik readymade. Isk Isk... ni lah padahnye if pegi umah kak Nor!!! ..ngeh ngeh.. FYI, kak Nor ni is one of many batik supplier to ASEANA, KLCC ;)
So, her stuffs are really exclusive and well tailored!

So many to choose from.. and these are a few yang i loike *haha whats new?* for work and kenduri kendara ..ngeh ngeh..

2 above are in brown (or at least among many shades of brown la kan LOL) and 2 below are in purple ...current IT shade LOL ye ke??

Which one yg nicer eh?? hmmm...i think i'll go with the purple above ni kot sbb i ske its matching sarong..its very classy because its not hand painted but made from 'chop' and the pattern of the 'chop;' is very javanese *betul ke nih? alah gasak je laa*

February 19, 2009

i heart grey's anatomy

hi peeps,
i just finished tgk one of two of my favourite show, Grey's Anatomy episode 5 & 6 (season 5 la of course!!). I loved it! i miss Grey's so so much..like i said before, it has been a while.. and i've been busy with Gossip Girl ~ bile episode 18 nk kuar nih haa?? ..ngeh ngeh..
When i watch Grey's, i can relate myself to it, not the surgery aspects *sigh ~ i'm a dental surgeon*, but the friendships, the intensity of a relationship, the immaturities and the pressure of being a healthcare provider. I love Grey's, thanks Shonda!!
So, are you a Grey's fan as well? Who is ur favourite character? Guess who's mine is? LOL *shout yaya heart Dr Sloan*

On a totally not related matter, what do you girls think of Lady Dior Cannage handbag? Ooohh..i simply adore it. Sesuei utk attend wedding, dinner functions ke kan; but then nowadays any sort and shape of bag can do either siang nor malam or better yet, both!! ..ngeh ngeh.. Actually it wasnt that appealing to me dulu dulu, but since i saw upper east sider Miss Blair Waldorf toting it, *aahhhh* i want one too!!! if only it's affordable ;((

Leighton as Blair with the gorgeous bag!! Miss Barton pun ada jugok, and she mixed it with a hat, a day dress and leggings - CHIC!! i want i want i want!!

p.s. Kak Ratna dearest ada 1 in black, jelessssnye ;p

February 18, 2009

belated birthday get-together

Assalamualaikum wbt
Arini i had lunch with my fella Ting Tong girls. It was a belated birthday get-together for Aunty Moon and the treat was on Kak Ratna.

The get-together was held at Secret Recipe ktrg at 1230pm, sume org was sharp *ye ke?* ..ngeh ngeh..

I had beef lasagna, kak Ratna had pan fried dory and Aunty Moon had some sort of laksa (kan? kan?), for desert we had choc indulgence ..yummehh..
oh ye, OK tak i wear tudung ariani? Selama nih tgk my mum and kak Ratna wear, looks chantek!!
THANK YOU for the treat!!

February 17, 2009

u wanna piece of me ??

We all know somebody who is a doubletalker, a gossip and a generally untrustworthy person. They are cruel to their enemies and even meaner to their friends - only with the friends the mean streak only comes out when their backs are turned. This type of friend is all sweetness and sugar to people's faces but act fugly *regina george ness* and spiteful behind their backs. We call people like this "backstabbers" because they sneak around portraying themselves as something they are not, a friend. Do you have one of these snakes in your life?

I, for one, had an experience with backstabber (sorang nih la yg i mmg tak leh lupe!!!), actually its so recent!! I memang tak sangka laaa...they are so tricky and so so cunning tau!! I mmg do not know how to face 'em and the moment i found out on the rumours she spread, i cried!! Yes, it may be a sign of weakness, but i'm only human and to top it, i really really didnt see it coming!!
I googled backstabber and studied on the subject and thought of sharing the infos i found with y'all ...ngeh ngeh..


1. All backstabbers share a common denominator; they all want something from you. Whether it is money, homework, a house to trash, your computer, your style, practically anything, varies from person to person.

2. Be aware of your surroundings. If you have a bad feeling about somebody, listen to your instincts!

3. Pay attention to red flags
-If somebody betrays you, don't trust that person again without extensive consideration.
-If the other person doesn't have friends of his or her own, there may be a reason. Perhaps other people know something that you don't.
-If someone is mean to you one minute and nice to you the next, there is definitely something wrong.
-If someone is too aggressive or tries too hard to sell you on something, he or she is likely setting you up.
-Trust your real friends. They're here to help you.
-Notice the other person's work ethic. If he or she is lazy and irresponsible, stay away from the person as far as anything that requires hard work goes. If you work hard, he or she will use you in a heartbeat!

4. Notice how he/she treats things you care about. For instance if you really care that your room is clean, and after you've explained this to him/her, he/she still comes over, throws his/her stuffs on the ground, takes his/her shoes off in the middle of the room and so on; this means he/she doesn't really care about you.

5. Try to detect from an early stage what the backstabber is interested in sucking from you.

6. If the backstabber persists in pestering you, either ignore him or tell him dispassionately that you do not want to do (insert activity here). Be polite, but extremely firm. If they detect a weakness in your firmness, they will try as hard as they can to puncture it.


-Get away from these people as soon as possible and convince others not to associate with them.
-Don't hesitate to ask questions. If somebody seems shady in any perspective, ask them about it but pay close attention to their answers. More often than not, they will try to pull one over you.
-There is a difference between friends and acquaintances. This means that even though he/she might be fun to talk with, he/she might not be the kind of person you would like to hang out with after all.
-Don't rely on the backstabber for anything; even the tiniest of things. In this way, you will avoid situations where you owe him/her a favor. This technique takes patience, practice and goes completely against your better nature. The backstabber will get the hint and move on the next sucker/victim.
-Also do not tell them any secret that you want kept hidden, as they will tell it to another one of their "friends" the moment it will gain them something.
-Treat him/her like you would any other snake. Be polite when in his/her area but keep to the path, and maintain your distance.
-Make sure not to reduce to his/her level by saying untrue and bad things about him behind his back (this is a huge no-no!) as it will only spur him/her to action against you.
-When seeking justified revenge from the backstabber, take time to closely observe their antics and policies. When the opportunity comes along- fool them into their own game but do it with style (of course) and grace. Make sure you're not going against your own values and self-worth in the process.


-Never let the backstabber know that he/she has gotten to you.
-Do not underestimate his/her power. Try not to offend or hurt him/her, but be merely polite and refuse him/her anything he/she asks that you are not willing to give.
-Do not get angry when he/she backstabs you. Realize from the start it will happen eventually. Don't form any deep relationship with him/her. He or she'll suck you dry.
-Be careful when you talk to backstabbers, they might be recording you.
-Don't talk to the backstabbers friends, they could be spies.

So, what do you think?? Well, i for one cannot detect a backstabber. If a person is nice to me, i would simply agree that he/she mmg being nice without any hidden agendas.
But maybe, lepas ni, i would know better, and maybe i wouldnt *sigh*

February 16, 2009

yaya being chatty and crappy ...

On the way back from work today, i stopped by Aunty Moon's house. I promised her to stop by to layan borak with her; since earlier today at work, she called my cell but then i takley layan her sbb i was bz dz ..ngeh ngeh.. So, sampai umah Aunty Moon, her maid welcomed me inside, and i chose to seat on the most luxurious and comfortable leather sofa in the living room ..hmmm memang best la kusi tuuh!!

I was there for an hour + and mcm selalu i love her company!! i love sharing my feelings, thoughts and views with her. She somehow really know how to contemplate and compliment, and that is what i love most bout Aunty Moon!! *kiss kiss*

We talked on my current issues and series ..ngeh ngeh.. I told her how has it made me a better person, how it made me realize that just when you thought you are at your most bottom self, you outgrown yourself and u'd shine beyond your imagination!! She elaborated on the power of being 'redha' and acceptance. When you can accept the facts and fictions (even), you are subconciously happy inside and satisfied!! Which is the key to being happy and success ;D

We also talked on my latest issue LOL banyak issue niihhh!!! LOL
She told me to sabar, pray hard and ask for guidance..which will calm myself thus ensuring patience. "If you feel that you cannot run nor hide, ask Allah, seek Allah and thank Allah. InsyaAllah, the very best for you awaits. Well, the very best isnt something you really love nor something you really want. Sometimes, the thing that you think is your life or the thing that you desired the most isnt the right thing for you..but when you redha, you'll can accept it!! For Allah is the one & only who knows what is best for you and what is not for you, so ask him!! Allah suke umat nye minta for He is maha mengetahui and maha pemurah".

February 15, 2009

Hello peeps..

Its sunday and a working day here in my hometown *arghhh*. At work, i did a report on MKSP the whole mornin' and attended a few patients after lunch sehingga la 4pm gitu ;(( i hate
administration workss!!!

Anyhoo, here i am sitting down and comfortable at home, in front of the tv with my laptop on my lap ... and wallaah, here i am ;D

A lot of things happened to me on the recent weekend, be it friday night, saturday night and sunday night. Well, i should say a lot of things happened to me on the recent nights ..ngeh ngeh..

I talked to a bestfriend who was outa town for 2 nights in a row! It has been a while (talking to this friend) and it lasted for almost 4hours on fri night and 2 hours on sat night!!! YES SIR, no kidding!! We talked on lotsa stuffs, our schooldays, love, work; life basically ;) It was so nice and panass la telinga, well it has been a while since i last bergayut, and mlm tu mmg bergayut dgn jayanye laa LOL (and today i miss this dear friend *shout : I MISS U*)

Hmmm..i went to a dinner last night. I dont celebrate Valentine's but a friend wanted to thanked me on some favor i did for her and insisted me on joining her at a dinner, I couldnt say no, Well i could but this friend was very very pushy-in-a-good-way LOL ... Thank you dear!! i had fun!!

When i got back home, twas around 1030pm and i bukak FB and saw Aza's status saying that Grey's Anatomy latest episode was awesome and that she had fallen in love even more with the show!! And i thought to myself "GOD i miss that show!!". The last episode i managed to tgk was epi4 (sea5 of course!)!! I love that show, i love Dr Sloan *xoxo* and i so want Izz and Alex together!! LOL dont you?? ngeh ngeh... So nih, while i'm blogging i'm downloading Grey's epi5 and so on ;)) Sungguh ku tak sabar!!! SLOAN my love ..ngeh ngeh..

On a very unrelated subject, i managed to persuade Lilly to start on Gossip Girl!! hihi...jap lagi diriku akan dapat geng Gossip Girl lam umah niii ..ngeh ngeh..

February 13, 2009

true love awaits

“Don't let him break my heart," the young woman prayed to God. She is like countless young women and men who have wanted the guys or girls of their dreams. After all, the passion for companionship, romance and, ultimately, a happy relationship that never ends lives in virtually every young man or woman's heart. Certainly for me!

But today many are so fearful and even cynical about the prospect of finding their "one true love" that they believe that finding a lifelong mate is a lost cause, an impossible dream, no more real than the Disney animation of Sleeping Beauty. It may happen to some people. But it won't to them, they are convinced. I sure don't want my children to think that way. The reality that there are great lifelong marriages proves that it is possible to have such a relationship.

Even young people who believe in love sometimes fear they will have a relationship that will break up instead of lasting "till death do us part." Some are so fearful at the prospect and possibility of disappointment, they never open up enough emotionally or intellectually to allow potential mates to get close enough for genuine love to develop. How unfortunate because if you know what to do and to look for, you can increase the likelihood of having a lasting marriage.

Certain principles can help you understand if a particular person is "the right one." You can be secure in the process. You can be growing, outgoing and confident because you understand what you are looking for and know how to tell when you find the one for you. Here are some ways you can know when you have found "the right one."

Realize the spiritual
Relationships are spiritual in nature. Those who build positive spiritual qualities into their relationships are more likely to find their right mate. These attitudes are all spiritual characteristics flowing from the heart. So commit yourself to building positive spiritual attitudes and qualities of the heart. Attitudes are the first building blocks of all relationships, and can either draw or repel others—whether upbeat, positive, warm, friendly and outgoing or deadbeat, negative, cool, aloof and inwardly selfish. Positive attitudes become your strength as you develop as a person and the magnet that will draw "the right one" toward you. When a man and woman with the right outgoing attitudes are drawn together by common values and purposes, with the special "spark" of attraction, they begin to think about commitment. And you know what happens then. Bingo.
But this is much more than a game of chance. It brings up the necessity for you to have positive faith. You must believe that you will be rewarded in a relationship if you grow in the positive attitudes that bind people together. So finding "the right one" must be understood as first and foremost a spiritual process.

Character counts
Finding the right mate for life is not a matter of luck nor is it a matter of selfishness. It comes because you have prepared yourself to be the right one for somebody else.This means that you are ready because you have taken the right course, lived an action plan and are capable of making right decisions and following through on them. In other words, you have character. Think about it. If you want the best person for you, isn't it only fair that you need to be the best person for somebody else?
You might ask, "But how can I know what to prepare for when I don't even know who the other person is?" The answer is simple. You have to get yourself ready by becoming the kind of person you would like to marry. After all, the greatest law in human relations is "In everything do to others as you would have them do to you".
You want to marry a person ready, willing and able to fulfill all your hopes and dreams in life and make you very happy.
So be that way yourself. Have high goals and live them now. Know how to make plans and fulfill them. Develop an outgoing, giving personality that does good to others.
Develop a career so you are a provider and a capable worker. Working hard is important as a personal character trait because a great relationship with the right person for you will be a matter of two great workers working together to build a great life.
Be a person of balance. Be diligent, flexible, financially independent, serving and positive and treat life as an adventure in progress, learning lessons along the way for the ultimate purpose.

Reality check
Mature people live in reality. They know the difference between what is right and what is wrong, what is real and what is fake, and what it takes to really be "the right one" for you. Maturity takes time. Immature people can be relatively older or comparatively younger, so age is not the only factor in maturity when it comes to finding "the right one." Age, however, is still an important factor.
Those who marry in their teen years get divorced at much higher rates than people who marry later. One reason for this is that most teens have not yet fully developed their personalities and in today's society are generally not prepared for lifelong commitments to marriage. Developmentally, we now know that young men's final spurt for development of the frontal lobes of the brain does not start until about 17 and is not completed until about age 25. This area of the brain is the most important for the development of values, long-term planning and decision making. This doesn't mean that a young man can't make good decisions, have strong moral values or make long-term plans before he's 17. He can, and some do. But the point is that this final spurt of brain development is important for the ability of a young man to create and sustain this most important relationship.

Relating to the right one
When you have reached a level of maturity, the right person for you is one who relates to you in a special way—perhaps like no one else you have ever met. What develops with the right one is a fantastic friendship.
It is not based on a fanatical lust. Relating properly to the right person is not portrayed in pop culture's displays of romance or Hollywood's model of marriage. Pop culture's version of the mating game has created a very bad model of love. She may be a bombshell and he may be a hunk, but mutual lust for great bodies and faces will not sustain a relationship.
Look at Hollywood for the past 80 years. It seems that most of the world's most beautiful people are incapable of sustaining marriages. Many of these people seem to think that fulfillment lies in finding another beautiful or handsome face and body to bolster their egos. A true relationship that develops with the right person is based on compatibility in character, heart and personality, not superficial looks. Compatibility may seem magical and mysterious, but underneath its comfort and excitement are the fundamentals of each of your backgrounds, experiences and personalities that make you "click." He or she becomes your special friend, a friend with whom you have the most satisfying fun. Your friendship is uplifting and makes you feel stronger, supported and fulfilled in a way that is new and complete.
But most of all you learn to care about the welfare, the future and the happiness of this special friend. You really care about what this person feels. You appreciate her or him so much that you spend time listening, expressing your deep thoughts and sharing your inner self. You want to protect and never to hurt. Over time, he or she becomes your best friend. But there is an added something beyond great friendship.
A book i read reads you can't really put into words the almost magical energy between a man and woman who are being drawn into lifelong love. "Too wonderful for me" to explain, it says, is "the way of a man with a woman" . You will want to marry this best friend whom you really care about. You will want to enhance, to make life better for and, above all, be loyal to this person. He or she is that person you will never want to betray in any way because you think so highly of him or her.
In this friendship you become aware that if you marry this person, you will have a great companion because you know his or her character, dreams, principles and heart. You also trust that it will take you to exciting places and adventures together. For good reasons, you sense you will be safe and secure forever with this person even though the exact details of the future are uncertain.

Recognizing the blessing
Ultimately, marriage is a divine blessing and a gift from God. He is the one who said, "It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper as his partner". As you are drawn to this great relationship with the right one for you, you become aware that God is revealing His will to you.
She is the one. He is the one. Your hopes, dreams and prayers are answered because you have walked down a godly path, a process designed to make you one. You, together, are the right ones.

Some of you have found, and some will !!! so will i ;D insyaAllah

February 12, 2009

Halluuuuu !!

Well i promised y'all that i'd blog about the bowling tournament IF only i strike 3 times in a row kan, and i didnt *benci sehh* so here i am on the next day! ngeh ngeh ..

My team mates were good, two of em were dangg good!! haha their scores were somewhere between 200-300+ LOL and mine ??? Gosh sungguh memalukan LOL sian my team mates, guys if you're reading, sorry hokey ;(

inilah goodie bag yg i got, but not so goodie to me *evil laugh* BUT on the other hand,ada goodie bag pun dh cukup baik dh kan, klu tak balik tangan kosong!!!! apedaaaa!! so TQ kepada jab belia & sukan neg terengganu ;D

the place where it all happened last night (mcm ape jek kejadian nye LOL)

Oh yes, and i would like to make a shout out to a certain sum1 yg baru received her FM..hehe.."glad to know that u like it dear!!"

So i guess thats it for today laa.. maybe i'll blog more tomorrow, who knows..hehe..
i leave y'all with an ABC song (yg tak brape clear and teratur) by my scweetheart, Khalish !


p.s. i love all the 36 contestants on AI ;p

February 11, 2009

friendly tournament

Assalamualaikum wbt pretty people ;)

i've got an mc (med cert) for 2 days (yesterday and today) yesterday *bestnyeh* so here i am at home..ngeh ngeh..

Earlier today, i went to Azman Eye Specialist Clinic with my mom for her appointment. Alhamdulillah everything went well and insyaAllah her sight will be better ;D Aminn...
Got back home at 11am gitu, had brunch (it was an elaborate one) and then grabbed my laptop, and wallaaa.. i'm here ;D

I'ma tell ya bout a friendly bowling tournament tonight. Its between jbtn kesihatan neg trg and media neg trg (i dont even know sape keje kat media neg trg!), and i'm playing!! Gosh i'm kinda terrified sbb honestly i'm not that good, or better yet i'm no good at all!! LOL its true people.. cmne la diorang bole pick me, pdhal diorang br jek tgk i main skali jek aritu masa friendly with jbtn kesihatan daerah kemaman, and dengan kuasa Allah, i terstrike 3 kali in a row! LOL since then they thot i'm helluva bowler!! OMG i cannot imagine how tonight will go, kang masuk longkang parit sume, malu i!! LOL

If only mlm ni i terstrike 3 times in a row again, that would be super duper awesome kan kan .. ngeh ngeh ;p
Well until the time comes, i'll keep hoping and praying laa nmpknye ;) hmm..
Remember the 10 DVDs my friend sent for me? Well since today is heaven day for me, i'ma start being a couch potato jap lagi and watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall hehe..
So till next writing here, adios amigos!
p.s. if la i terstrike 3 times in a row, i'll blog bout it tonight jgk !! ngeh ngeh..
oh how unlikely *sigh*

February 10, 2009

Damier Ebene canvas Neverfull

Hello Pretty people !!

arini i wanna share sumthing with y'all ;D ngeh ngeh..
~ sila drool gambar kat bawah ni dulu ye ~

Ada sesapa berminat nk kirim ke? a friend of mine is currently in USA now and she can tolong beli ;D
She will charge on insured shipping tho, so if u're interested, kindly email yaya and i will ask her on ur behalf k!

p.s. Just for a clearer picture utk sesapa yg berminat, sum1 dh kirim neverfull GM and she had to pay RM3250 for everyhting! OK sangat laa tuu kan (?)

p.p.s There's a girl tanyekan i whether my friend (in states) bley tolong purchase her desired bag from eluxury.com & bloomingdales.com , she (my friend in states) said "sure can!" ;D so anyone else yg ada nk titip2 can do so as first shipping from states is on the 20th feb(roughly).


everytime i watch this clip dlm my phone, i'd laugh ! i hope you too will find it amusing ;D

p.s. Khalish, mommy sayang Khalish sangat sangat! sangat sangat ..

February 9, 2009

bile ayah bercerita ..

ayah : long pernah dgr x citer org solat sebelah kaki ?
yaya : huh?? hmm dok penoh !
ayah : well... a fren of a fren was on a way from Kuala Berang to Temerloh. on his way tu, dia overheard bunyi azan from masjid tepi jalan. so dia pun berhenti la kete sbb nk join smayang berimam. so dia pun cepat2 la turun kete, locked his car and amik wudhu'. tengah dia duk amik wudhu', tiba2 air tadok, not even a drop and dia kinda pissedla sbb dia almost done !
yaya: yeaa .. and ?
ayah : so dia pun masuk jek masjid and join je solat berimam. pas selesai solat, mamat kt sebelah dia tu tanye la dia masa dia tgh pakai kasut " bang, bkpe abang smayang sebelah kaki je. bkpe kaki kiri abang angkat? ". and the guy answered " oh, kaki kiri saya tadok air smayang tuu..sbb tgh saya dok amik air smayang, air putuhh. jadi kaki kiri dokle smayang la, so saya angkat laa kaki tuu! "
yaya : LOL
najib : betul ke citer nih ayah ?? mcm dok lojik jek
yaya & aya : LOL

February 7, 2009

FM for a certain sumone, you know who you are!!

second entry

goood morning!!
i'm still a bit feverish, bile nak habess nih? hate it being in this state cause it makes me too lazy to go out and too bump to stay in!!
well, no one's home really, well people that counts lah haha, Khalish's not here, he's out with my mom and brother. they went out looking for a study table for my dad! oh yes, my dad wants a new study table for valentine! if u must know, my dad enrolled himself to law school bout a year ago,haha!! yup he did! so he's a student, with a wife, 7 children,a grandson and a grand daughter ;D

so, i'm being a couchpotato at this moment, watching an episode of f.r.i.e.n.d.s on starworld. its that episode where christina applegate featured as rachel's dumb and spolied sister, then she agreed to babysit emma (ross & rachel's daughter) and emma ended up with pierced ears!
i love f.r.i.e.n.d.s !! theyre so good being each one!


like a true person from trg would say "doh ok la owk, bosang doh ning" ngeh ngeh..BYE!

first time

Assalamualaikum wbt.

this is my first time blogging *sigh* i used to keep my memories @ fotopages but due to some reasons which i dont wanna elaborate here, i gotta move!
after hours (well twas between 1-2 hour) og thinking, i said to my self "why dont i give blogging a try, sayyy...now?" and here i am...wallaaa..
Hello pretty people in the blogging world!

well, i'm half awake at this moment, i've been exploring and learning this thing, and i have to conclude that i am almost clueles! well, theres always a first time right? YES! hehe

so, what do i wanna write huh...hmm well, let me start by saying that i am a bit on the feverish side today, yup! woke up at 9 something, brushed my teeth, had a cup of coffee , no wait i think i had more than a cup, yes i did..hehe
can i skip and get to the part where i watched a movie? sho can! hehe
well, my friend sent me 10 DVDs of romantic comedies movies which he thinks i'd enjoy all the way from Penang, abd i received it yesterday. So since today is friday and i'm not working on fridays, thought i'd watch Definitely Maybe. My friend did say that i'd like that one, well he was right! i like it because Will found his true love eventho its not his wife and the fact that Maya wants her dad to be happy, but i dont like the fact that Will and whats her name have to split and that her daughter wishes they wouldnt! its kinda sad because kids love their parents unconditionally and she wouldnt know which part of her mom or dad thats ugly. hmm..but the moral of the story is, fight for love even if it means dragging ur kid to win the other person's heart, haha! i cried when Will told Maya that the happy ending of the story is "you" ! so schweet.

*yawn* gottago to bed

p.s. which movie is this line from - i gottago to bed, i hear my mom so i gottago to bed ? try jwb..